Friday, September 18, 2009

Getting ready for baby: Clothes and things!

Here are some washable nursing pads that I made. They have flannel one side and fleece as a moisture barrier on the other side.

Here are my cloth diapers and burp cloths all washed and ready to go.

The very special handed down diaper basket that makes my room feel sweet and homey - thank you momma!

baby clothes all ready for baby dear!

Getting ready for baby: Nursing Cover

Here is my nursing cover, all ready to cover a hungry baby! Thanks Sarah for all the tips on making this just right.

the nursing cover

Me - trying to take pictures all by myself while Robby is at work. :)

It fits so well... it just needs a baby dear!

I can't wait to nurse my little one

Getting ready for baby: Changing Pad

Here is the matching baby changing pad that I made to go with my new diaper bag.

It ties with a pretty ribbon to keep it closed....

And it is lined with soft, creamy fleece!

Getting ready for baby: Diaper Bag

Here is the diaper bag that I have been working on for the last few weeks! It is dedicated to Aunt Trisha for the wonderful sewing machine that she blessed me with!

The front of the bag.

The inside - with lots of pockets!

I love my new bag!